Paul Santori

Guitar, vocals

Paul Santori is a singer/songwriter who cut his teeth playing in the streets and subways of Chicago. In 1986 he formed his band, The Watchmen, featuring Brian Gay, a founding member of DC's Government Issue and former Subverts bassist Steve Ross. Paul started his current project, Random Opponent, in the DC area in 2015. Since then Paul has made solo and band appearances throughout the NOVA area and in Europe.

Great PSRO drummers - today the inimitable Seth Behler


PSRO founder member Anthony Inglimo lent his flair to 'Rock 'n' Ruin; Freddy Duran (co-conspirator with Dr. T. with The Anti-social Collective) proved an intermittent and welcome addition with his laid-back style; Sean Sidley made a brief and innovative contribution; and last but not least Seth Behler, drummer extraordinaire with his unforgettable performance on 'Drop the Culture' and superb live performances.

Dr Thorn


Born in Northern France, he caught the bass virus when he saw that guitar with big strings in a store window in Lille, looking so cool. Played first gigs in high school, then in a progressive pop band, Archibald, while in college. Then Coal Faces, a band with a powerful mix of original rock, with U2 & Doors covers. Later, in Marseilles, he slapped his bass in Moka, an original French pop band. You now hear his bouncy bottom-end on various D.C area projects, such as Starryville, The Anti-Social Collective, and obviously, the amazing PSRO.

Mike Santori


Paul's brother Mike makes his home in music mecca Austin, Texas, appearing with the band when his other projects permit. He is fluent on several other instruments as well as bass including piano, guitar and trumpet. Paul and Mike have been performing together for years and their on-stage chemistry is undeniable.